Taffeta Fabric

In 1782, Joseph Montgolfier fashioned a cube-shaped balloon out of taffeta fabric, leading to the first human flight in a lighter-than-air craft. Here at Ramtex, Inc., we don’t make balloons, but we do provide wholesale taffeta fabric to a variety of end-users in the apparel, wall covering, and curtain industries. At the very least, that delightful anecdote gives you a sense of how unbelievably durable taffeta fabric is. The term taffeta itself is a Persian word that means “twisted woven.”

Our professional team at Ramtex, Inc., the number one provider of taffeta fabric, is known for consistently high quality and timely delivery. When you choose Ramtex, Inc. as your source for taffeta fabric, you can feel certain that we will meet all deadlines. We are dedicated to offering a streamlined process that is hassle-free for our clients. With a stockpile of hundreds of thousands of fabric at our warehouse in Los Angeles, along with dye houses and a state-of-the-art cut and sew facility in China, we are well-equipped to meet any demands that our clients might have.