Micro Velvet

For high-quality micro velvet, the clear choice is Ramtex, Inc. Over the last BLANK years, our highly trained and experienced wholesale fabric professionals have worked hard to earn our reputation as the ultimate source for micro velvet. Our many loyal customers have come to depend on the reliable services of Ramtex, Inc. With fast delivery and consistently superior results, our team has been able to step in for customers when other wholesale fabric importers failed to meet deadlines.

Here at Ramtex, Inc., we maintain exclusive relationships with mills in China. Our fabric warehouse in Los Angeles contains a stockpile of hundreds of thousands of yards of fabric. With our cut-and-sew facility, we are also able to provide finished products in addition to wholesale micro velvet. All these features of our business, and more, allow us to respond to orders of all sizes and scope, and with unmatched speed and efficiency.

To learn more about how to order micro velvet and other wholesale fabric from Ramtex, Inc., don’t hesitate to contact us directly with your questions. A team of the most courteous and attentive is standing by right now to handle all inquiries and offer unrivaled personalized service. Welcome to the Ramtex family!