Fabric Importer

Here at Ramtex, Inc., we have truly earned our reputation as the premier wholesale fabric importer. Over 15 years, we have cultivated exclusive relationships with mills in China, and built our own world-class cut-and-sew facility. In addition, our vast warehouse in Los Angeles houses hundreds of thousands of yards of high-quality fabric, enabling us to respond to orders with unmatched speed and efficiency. Our commitment to exceptional service is also well-known and appreciated by our many loyal customers, who have come to rely on as the ultimate fabric importer for all their diverse needs.

Get the ball rolling by exploring a diverse array of color swatches. From dupioni fabric to polyester velvet and much more, our deep inventory of wholesale fabric allows us to offer so many choices. You are sure to find something that perfectly suits your taste and business goals. The sheer depth and breadth of the options available here is another rare quality that underscores why we have risen head and shoulders above the competition, to claim top spot as the go-to fabric importer for apparel, furniture, vehicle interiors, and so much more.