Dupioni Silk Fabric

Dupioni silk fabric, also known as dupion or douppion, is a wonderful fabric imported wholesale by our team here at Ramtex, Inc. Our sophisticated operation makes use of several dye houses and a cut and sew facility in China, along with an extensive warehouse in Los Angeles (where we stockpile hundreds of thousands of yards of fabric). With over 15 years in the business, our professionals have made a name for themselves as experts in their field.

Many customers favor our wholesale dupioni silk fabric because it is extremely durable, resistant to wrinkling and creases, and takes dye extremely well compared to many other fabrics. To learn more about our vast and varied selection of dupioni silk fabric, feel free to contact us directly with any questions. We are as well-regarded for our customer service as we are for the quality of our fabric and the timeliness of our deliveries. We stand by our craftsmanship, and the many loyal customers that we have assembled over the years is a testament to the superior quality of our work.