Drapery Fabric

For over 15 years, our team of highly trained and experienced professionals at Ramtex, Inc. has made a name for itself as the go-to source for drapery fabric and other wholesale textile needs. We maintain exclusive relationships with many of our mills, and that translates into higher quality drapery fabric and more expedient service for our many clients. Our company is internationally known, especially for our China to China shipping (meaning we are able to ship directly from our mills in China to warehouses or manufacturing plants owned or worked with by many US companies).

Interested in learning more about what exactly we offer in our vast and varied collection? We make window shopping easy with countless color swatches! Everything we do is intended to streamline the ordering and delivery process for you. In fact, many of the loyal customers we have today started out with other drapery fabric importers, but came to us when those companies failed to meet deadlines. After enjoying our superior products and service, these customers have continued to come back to us time and again for all their drapery fabric needs. Aside from drapery fabric, we are also sought after for bedding, apparel, recreational vehicle interiors, and a diverse selection of other markets. 

Drapery Wholesale Fabric